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Dr Jens Korgaard

I was born in Denmark in 1966. As a small boy I suffered from many health problems. I had Asthma and Allergies. I was taking Steroid nose sprays and asthma inhalers just to function.

Like my father and brother I also suffered from esophogeal reflux disease (constant heartburn) and we took antacids like they were M & M's.

However my worst health problem was severe digestive pains that would cause me to go into the fetal position and cause severe pain for hours. I even went to the hospital to have a barium enema (radioactive material put into my rectum to take X-rays of my intestines). The doctors explained to my parents that I just had to learn to live with it. There were nothing they could do for me.

I had all of these health problem before the age of 7. When I became a teenager I started suffering from depression, I guess that's understandable with not being able to function like most teenagers.

When I was 17 it was time for me to go into the military in Denmark. I went for my physical and to my surprise the doctor said there was no way I could serve in the military because I had a big scoliosis (curvature in my spine). This was news to me. I knew I had some back problems but I didn't know it was due to a scoliosis.

I had seen my dad get good results from his chiropractor for debilitating back pain and decided that's what I wanted to do. I took my pre-requisite classes and moved to San Jose, California in 1989 to study chiropractic at Palmer College.

In the first month of school I was in a major car accident that totaled my car and started a downward spiral of my health. For the next 3 years my back pain became worse and worse.

For those 3 years I was seeing a chiropractor 2-3 times a week. I tried numerous chiropractic methods, but nothing seemed to work for long.

I was only a few months from graduating as a chiropractor, but didn't know how I could go into private practice if I couldn't even help myself. I felt like a wreck physically and mentally. By that point, my back was in so much spasm and pain that I wouldn't let anyone touch me.

Finally, a miracle happened that saved my life.

A friend of mine went to a seminar for a new chiropractic method called Network Chiropractic (now known as Network Spinal Analysis). I saw him working on another friend of mine and I could tell that at least it couldn't hurt me to try this new method. I asked my friend if he would treat me for a month and see if it would help me.

After the first month my back felt 50-60% better. WOW. I was impressed. I continued my sessions, and my back felt better and better. As the months went by and my back and neck started to feel better (from being in 7 car accidents over 5 years, through no fault of my own), I noticed something even more amazing. My Asthma, Allergies, Reflux and Digestive problems were all doing better.

Since I started my journey towards health and well-being in 1992, I haven't taken any medications for my Asthma, Allergies, Scoliosis, Depression, Reflux or Digestive problems. In fact, I usually only take 1 or 2 aspirins a YEAR. I now believe in my body's healing power instead of relying on drugs. All the drugs I took never did anything to correct my health problems, they only helped so I could function, barely. Now don't get me wrong, sometimes drugs are necessary to help with life threatening conditions.

I feel better now at 42 then when I was sick at age 25. Thanks to Network Chiropractic and KST. Four years ago I also I began to use another life changing method called the Koren Specific Technique. Please read more about it here KST technique. Because of my own success with Network Chiropractic, I have been practicing this particular Chiropractic method since 1992, and have been certified by the founder Dr. Donald Epstein, D.C. and by Dr. Tedd Koren, D.C. since 2005.

I'm currently the only chiropractor in the United States that has combined The Koren Technique and Network Chiropractic.

Here is a complete list of all my health problems that got better with Network Chiropractic:

  • Acne
  • Esophageal Reflux Disease
  • IBS/Digestive Problems (Constipation and Pain)
  • Neck Pain
  • Severe Back Pain
  • Knee Pain In Both Knees
  • TMJ
  • Grinding My Teeth
  • Allergies
  • Ashtma
  • Whiplash
  • Scoliosis
  • Depression
  • Auto Accident Injuries
  • Wrist Pain (Carpal Tunnel Syndrome)

Educating the public about the benefits of Network Chiropractic care has always been important to me, and I have appeared on radio shows and written monthly articles on health for local newspapers and magazines. I also offer lectures on a variety of health and wellness issues. These lectures are always open to the public and free of charge. 

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