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Meet Newington Chiropractor Dr. Jens

Dr Jens Korgaard is a 1992 Palmer college of chiropractic west graduate andhas been serving Newington , CT area since 2000.

He was born in Denmark in1966. As a small boy he suffered from many health problems. He had Asthmaand Allergies and was taking Steroid nose sprays and asthma inhalers justto function.

When he was introduced to Network spinal analysis he foundrelief from his health and scoliosis back problems and now helps patientsregain their health using the same holistic methods that helped him heal.

How  Do They Help?
Dr Jens takes care of families and people of all ages. Some people come becasuse of pain and discomfort, others because they want help with their chronic health issues. We see a big range of issues, from neck and back pain to more complicated issues like headaches, digestive issues, neuropathy, disc issues and somuch more.

What Makes Them Different?
Unlike other chiropractic office we utilize gentle holistic methods where there is no cracking, popping or twisting involved. Dr Jens practices Network Chiropractic and the Koren Specific Technique that gets great results quickly. He was the first chiropractor in the world that combined these powerful healing modalities.

What Can You Expect?
On your first visit you can tell Dr. Jens about your health issues and how they are interfering with living your best life. You will then receive Your Initial Consultation

- Computerized Spinal Exam (SEMG)
- Computerized Posture Exam
- Complete Examination and Analysis
- Your First Network Chiropractic and KST Session
- Your Report of Findings Appointment going over

How long it will take and the cost

What's wrong
If we can help
Your second Network chiropractic and KST session

Are We Pushy?
Ofcourse not, we believe in giving you honest information so you can make an informed decision. There is never any pressure to sign up for care and we dont offer long term care plans. We will tell you if we can help and if not will help you find someone that can.

"After only 2 visits with Dr. Jens I noticed a significant improvement in my pain.."
- Caroll

"I strongly advise that you give Dr. Jens Korgaard a sincere try."
- Lisa

"I will never give up my Network Adjustments! They keep my mind, body and spirit Alive!"
- Roxanne

"I recommend anyone who wants to improve athletic performance and reduce their risk of injuries to see Dr. Korgaard."
- Maria

"Since I started seeing Dr. Korgaard, my stress level has gone way down."
- Dr. Lionel

Internet Special
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With this special you are entitled to receive:

- Your Initial Consultation
- Computerized Spinal Exam (SEMG)
- Computerized Posture Exam
- Complete Examination and Analysis
- Your First Network Chiropractic Adjustment
- Your Report of Findings Appointment

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  • "I have been going to see Dr. Jens for over 5 years and I have seen a significant change in my overall well-being. I had broken my pelvis in five places and suffered from lower back pain due to scoliosis. Dr. Jens analyzed my situation and offered a course of action. Although it’s not a quick fix, over time, my lower back has become almost a non-issue. He has also helped me and my family with various issues including viruses, short-term injuries, and allergies. He also helped me through all of the adjustments of a pregnancy and the recovery of a C-section. I highly recommend his treatment for those who are open and ready for a long-term commitment to their health."
    Andrea Obert-Hahn
  • "Chiropractic has been integral to the care of my family for decades. We have been patients of Dr. Korgaard for almost 20 years and his care has been key in maintaining the intense athleticism of my children over those years, as well as in providing supportive wellness care from toddlerhood throughout the healthspan. Dr Korgaard maintains an active interest in new methods and technologies and has introduced us to numerous tools over the years that have become a part of my family's wellness toolbox, including EFT. I cannot recommend him highly enough!"
    Jennifer Tow
  • "Very knowledgeable . Takes time to heal the body with combination of chiropractic solutions. Offers various treatments for different issues."
    keith nardelli
  • "My Family loves Dr Korgaard! Amazing chiropractor.We've been clients of this practice 16+ years"
    Lynn Ofori

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