Nerves and Stress cartoon Let me first explain a little about Network Chiropractic. Traditional chiropractic recognizes the Intelligent life force within the body which enlivens, inspires, coordinates, and heals us. When this life force is allowed to flow freely and without constriction or interference throughout the various body systems the body is able to receive the messages about what it needs to fully express who we are.

However, when there are interferences from the brain, through the nerves in the form of "subluxations" (which is a fancy term for spinal misalignment's) the body reacts much like a radio that isn't fully tuned into the radio station. There is static, which appears in the form of all sorts of symptoms of disease in body, mind, emotions and spirit. Our whole life can be affected in very subtle (and sometimes not so subtle) ways. The longer this goes on the more we forget what it is like to be the vibrant and healthy beings we were created to be.

Most traditional forms of chiropractic move the bones of the spine in order to release these subluxations. Network Chiropractic, however, utilizes various gentle sustained contacts to release the tension or interference in the spine and thereby allows the body the ability to heal with less trauma. These sessions are powerful in a very gentle way. Often after sessions, people have the feeling of floating or as one person said upon emerging from the treatment room, "Wow, I feel like I've just gone on a two week vacation in 20 minutes."

Why is my nervous system so important: 
Your nervous system (n.s.) is your body's central control board for coordinating all your body's functions. Information is sent from your brain through your spinal cord and nerves to every cell in your body with instructions for optimal function.  Information is then sent from your body to your brain regarding proper or improper functioning. If there is any interference along this pathway we don't express optimal health and well-being. 

Along your nerves travels your body's innate intelligence. This is the same intelligence that made you from an egg and a sperm cell, produces a scab when you cut your finger, and shows you what your destiny is. If your body has nerve interference, on some level you are cut off from this divine flow.  This is why on some days it may seem as if the dimmer switch is on. Removing nerve interference turns on your body's light again. 

How do I know if my nervous system is compromised? 
The medical term for nerve interference is subluxation (sub=less, lux=light).  Symptoms may alert us that we are subluxated. For those people who have symptoms it can be seen as a blessing because your body's innate intelligence is working effectively telling you something is out of alignment. However, symptoms are not necessarily a good indicator of subluxation.  Often people are asymptomatic and are then given a diagnosis of  disease. This is why it is essential everyone get their spine checked regularly by a licensed chiropractor for vertebral subluxation.

What causes nerve interference? 
Nerve interference is caused by physical, emotional, mental, or chemical stress that was too overwhelming for your n.s. too handle. Two types of subluxation may result:

1. Structural Subluxation: two vertebrae misalign resulting in a pinched nerve 
2. Facilitated Subluxation: the stress of an event gets translated into a holding pattern in your spinal cord. When we experience a trauma, the vibration of the experience is sent from our brain down your spinal cord. The spinal cord then holds the vibration of the experience as tension. When the spinal cord is in defense it bends forward and twists.  

Can nerve interference be a beneficial response to a stressful situation? 
Holding tension can be a great short-term strategy to stress, yet over time it leads to dis-ease and disconnection from self. Upon examining people's spines when they first walk in my office, it is as if their n.s.'s are still playing the vibration from an earlier trauma. Their n.s. is responding as if they are still in fight or flight from the divorce, car accident, abuse, unexpressed anger or grief, school stress, etc..   

If my n.s. has its own innate intelligence why would I need outside assistance? 
Our body does an excellent job at recovering from stress and healing itself. Often we go on vacation or take time off and this is enough for your body to heal itself.  However sometimes the type of stress is too overwhelming for your n.s. to recover from. This occurs when the type of stress is too large or there have been too many small stresses over a period of time.  When this happens our brain and body does such a successful job armoring itself we lose the strategy and connection to unwind our own tension.

Why is it that we lose our health and wellness?
Researchers today believe that we lose our health and wellness because of the way we experience our world. When an event occurs that our brain determines to be unsafe for us to fully experience, the energy and information of that event is translated into vibration and tension, which is then stored in the body. It is not unlike the after-image of a camera flash bulb. Our body then "walls off" the offending energy and tension over time with muscular spasm, spinal distortion, reduced movement and reduced breathing into the area. This phenomenon has been termed "defense posture." Much of what many disciplines seek to correct through adjustments/manipulations, massage, acupuncture and various therapy modalities is often a symptom of this process. With Network Care the body learns to move away from defense and towards growth. This allows our higher brain functions to take control of the body and resolve these symptoms.

How does a Network Spinal Analysis adjustment help me reconnect so my body can remember this strategy? 
Your network chiropractor makes soft contacts along your spinal cord, which redirects your brains attention to the area of your spine that went into defense, thereby allowing your brain to choose a different strategy.  The beautiful part about this process is that in the middle of your tension is a soft spot of free energy called a Spinal Gateway. It is analogous to the eye of a hurricane. When your brain connects to this area of free energy it is as if the computer screen is wiped clean and your body and brain is able to move from defense into safety. The more these Spinal Gateways are accessed the more open we become, allowing us to move from defense into growth. As this occurs our nerves relay information of peace and ease to our cells instead of tension and armor. 

It is imperative our physiology learns these strategies in order to grow and evolve. Life's richness is found in greater depth...having a free and flexible nervous system is essential to achieve this state.

What does a light touch contact at a Spinal Gateway do?
When a light force is applied to the body, research shows that there is a brain/body shifting from stress physiology to one of reassessment, growth and reorganization. Energy that was formerly bound in adaptive structural changes appears to be liberated for constructive purposes. Consequences of this are increased spinal and neural integrity and wellness. N.S.A. allows individuals to move from stress physiology to safety, and from safety to growth. As this occurs new strategies and spinal and neural outcomes develop which have never been reported elsewhere.

Can such a light force make a difference?
The human nervous system is designed to respond to wind, the brush of a feather, someone whispering "I love you", the gentle touch of a loved one; the input into your nervous system doesn't have to be forceful in order for your body to know that something is happening or for changes to be made. What is most important is that your body is receiving exactly the right amount of information, at the right place and at the right time.

Why is there an Open Entrainment area?
Healing seems to be a community experience. In this office, we support this phenomenon by offering the open entrainment room. As we express more of who we truly are, by our very presence we inspire others to heal. Many of our practice members remark how their breath deepens as the person next to them is entrained. Sometimes a contact made on one person will have a direct affect on the person next to them. Participation in this group process brings so many of us to the conclusion that we are not separate, but all connected. We hope this experience works for you. If there are times when you feel you would prefer your own space, use the private room for your adjustment.

How long do I need to come for care?
That's an individual question; it all really depends on what your goals for health and wellness are. Research shows that significant changes in a person’s physical, mental and emotional state begin within the first eight (8) weeks of care. It also has determined that people under Network Care for more than two (2) years, were still showing improvements in all areas of health and wellness. Suggesting enhanced wellness accrues with time under Network Care. There appears to be no limit to improvement of a person’s physical health, emotional health, ability to adapt to stress, and quality of life. During your initial report of findings, we will help you plan your goals for care.

I'm pregnant. Should I wait until after I have my baby to start?
The answer is no! This is such an important time to make certain that your body is functioning at its optimum potential. The first 4-5 months of pregnancy, NSA care is performed without variation. After 5 months, entrainments are made while using body pillows and lying on your side.

Can Network Spinal Analysis help children?
NSA is a wonderful gift to any child to assist the body in developing wellness strategies early in life. It strives to help children perceive the environment with less stress, express emotions more effectively, have more awareness of their spines, verbalize a body sense, awareness, or emotion, make healthier internally guided choices, and meet the world with greater love.

In the course of care, it is common for parents to remark that their child's disposition has improved, that they learn better in school, are more at peace, sleep better and in general, seem to function without restriction.

We can establish new spinal strategies for infants and children that allow for greater self-observation and regulation of spinal tension patterns. It is extremely important for developing children and young adults to have a nervous system that can support a positive way of being in one's self and the world.

Will my pain and/or symptom go away?

What about my...pain?
Network Spinal Analysis helps the body to help itself. Rather than treat a symptom we help the person. When functioning improves then the need for pain signals often abates. The pain is only the signal, and not the problem itself.

Symptoms are warnings
Symptoms, diseases and conditions are warning signs that the body is overloaded and cannot properly deal with itself or its environment. Much like the temperature light on a cars dashboard. It comes on when the engines cooling system cannot deal with internal or external temperatures.

Symptoms have advantages
Pain will stop you doing things that may injure you further. Can you remember when pain stopped you from burning yourself badly? Pain encourages you to rest. Pain stimulates the body’s tissue healing mechanisms. A fever raises the body’s temperature higher than most bugs can tolerate. Vomiting or diarrhea gets rid of material the body rejects.

When will the pain go away?
I tell my practice members that I do not want their pain to go away until their body is working better and no longer needs it. Network Spinal Analysis is a great way to get your body working better. When you let your engine cool, the temperature light will go out.

We have no way to judge symptoms
We have no reliable way to judge symptoms as good or bad. Just as vomiting may be a sign that our body is ridding itself of unwanted chemicals it could also mean more serious problems. Most symptoms are actually the body trying to heal itself.

Worried about pain and symptoms?
Diagnosing and treating pain and symptoms is the domain of Medicine. If you are worried about symptoms then please get yourself checked by a medical doctor you trust. There are times when medical intervention is entirely appropriate and it may even save your life. However, medical intervention is rarely a valid reason to stop Network care, and may not help you in your healing journey.

The Bottom Line! Every N.S.A. practitioner will do all in their power to assist your body in getting to the core of the problem. People under Network Care have reported great improvement and resolution of a wide range of physical complaints such as back pain, neck pain, headaches, muscle stiffness, eczema, menstrual cramps and dizziness just to name a few. The likelihood of your pain and symptoms being resolved is great, if you are committed to giving yourself some time to experience N.S.A. and are open to making appropriate life changes. Symptoms are truly a manifestation of something bigger.

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