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Hi, and thank you for inquiring about Network Chiropractic! On this webpage are some of the many articles that I have written about this work as well as questions and answers that you hopefully will find informative.

Network Chiropractic refers to Chiropractors who utilize Network Spinal Analysis, a profound totally gentle and honoring way to evaluate and adjust the spine. The purpose of Network Chiropractic care is to allow restoration of proper nerve function for full health expression and peak performance.

People from all walks of life, and all ages receive Network care. Documented research from the University of California Irvine Medical School shows statistically significant, profound improvements in physical well being, stress level, emotional and psychological well being, and overall quality of life in patients receiving Network Chiropractic care.

What makes Network Spinal Analysis unique and effective?

A Gentle and honoring, systematic two-step method:

Step #1. First releasing the soft tissue structures that can twist and pull and bind the spinal bones. These soft tissue structures include the muscles and "Saran wrap-like" sheath that surrounds the brain and spinal cord called the meninges. Releasing these soft tissues that bind the spinal bones brings greater ease to the whole spinal system.

Step #2. Structurally guiding the misaligned spinal bones into proper alignment.

Because of this two step process, the body can be realigned with the most gentle and honoring lightest force adjustments with no cracking sounds or twisting movements. It just makes natural sense to first release the tight binding rubber band like soft tissue pulling on the spinal vertebrae before you direct the bones into alignment.

A Different Approach

Network Chiropractic makes the adjustment process easy and more lasting because tight soft tissues are not again pulling the bones out of alignment. Also many of the spine vertebrae automatically go back in alignment when the "soft tissue tight rubber band" like pattern along the spine is released in step one.  When the body is allowed to correct many of the bony misalignments itself then it starts to learn and remember how to be more self-correcting and self sufficient!

What Are Vertebral Subluxations?

The first and most vital kind of subluxation is called the Facilitated Subluxation, where the nerves and spinal cord are actually stretched, twisted or scarred.  This causes irritation and malfunction of the nervous system. The facilitated subluxation is adjusted with extremely gentle pressure on the spine. This type of subluxation is most likely associated with emotional, mental and chemical stress from which the body-mind could not recover.

The second kind of subluxation is the Structural Subluxation, where a vertebra is misaligned. This may cause a pinching or crushing effect on the nervous systems that control the functions of your body. The structural subluxation will be gently and precisely realigned with the rest of the spine. Sometimes a small click may be heard when this kind of subluxation is adjusted. A structural subluxation is usually caused by a mechanical or physical stress from which the body could not recover. Like a fall, car accident, sport, poor posture or bad work environment.

How Do I Know If I Have Vertebral Subluxations?

You probably don't know, unless you've had your spine checked recently by a Doctor Of Chiropractic. Vertebral subluxations may be painful but often they are not. Some of the symptoms associated with Vertebral Subluxation may be headaches, neck or back pain/stiffness, radiating pain into arm or legs, numbness, fatigue, clicking jaw, a feeling of wanting to "crack" your neck, back or other joints. Often you may have no symptoms.  If you look in a mirror and notice uneven hips, shoulders or ears, or generally have poor posture. you probably have one or more Vertebral Subluxations. The best way to find out if you have any Vertebral Subluxations in your spine is to have a computerized spinal exam, called a surface EMG.  

What Are Chiropractic Adjustments?

Designer Adjustments - Just like a fine tailored suit that is measured and made for you. Each Network Adjustment is specifically designed for you. Choosing from six different chiropractic techniques, the Network Chiropractor selects the technique for you at that visit. Each of the six chiropractic techniques works differently to release different aspects of your misaligned spine.

During a visit you may receive 1,2,3,4 or 5 different gentle Chiropractic techniques depending on exactly what your body needs. This moment-to-moment honoring of what your body needs makes the healing process gentle, empowering, powerful and effective for the patient.

The Network Chiropractor uses the lightest force possible and yet creates profound health and well being. The adjustments are made along the spine and are as gentle as the pressure that you could comfortably apply to your closed eyelid.

The Network Chiropractor is using the principle of leverage when he makes the light gentle adjustments. You can push a huge boulder from a cliff without having to ram it with huge force if you use the leverage of a tree branch. This is the fundamental idea. Putting the lever in the exact right place, at the right time with the right amount of light force, you can easily move the boulder. Likewise, Network Doctors are trained in postgraduate courses on Network Spinal Analysis to know the exact leverage point and maneuvers to utilize on the spine.

Why Are Gentle Light Adjustments So Empowering For Your Healing?

The Network Chiropractor makes a gentle touch or pressure or tap using leverage. As soon as he sees the patient's body respond and start to work with the adjustment, the Doctor steps back and lets the patients body work with the adjustment. In this way we are not overpowering the patients nervous system, but instead allowing it to do most of the work itself. This encourages and actually teaches the body to become self-corrective and more self-reliant in the future. It is like a parent showing a child how to tie his or her shoes, but then stepping back and letting the child practice and work with tying the laces.

How Long Will It Take?

Patent response to Network Chiropractic is as varied as there are kinds of people on the planet. Some patients will see changes immediately, while for others recovery takes several months or longer. The longer your spine and nervous system has been neglected, the more severe your subluxations. Also, the older you are, the more time the healing of your spine, nervous system and body will require. This is why very young children and babies make the best patients.  To find out more about what our patients think about network chiropractic click here.

Why Choose Network Chiropractic?

If the parent steps in all the time and does the shoe tying for the child, he or she never becomes empowered and self-sufficient. Healing is about empowering and freeing the awesome power you have inside of you to heal. By using light force then stepping back to let your body work, the Network Chiropractor is letting the greatest, wisest Doctor, the Doctor within you, do the corrective work.

Here is a list of conditions that I have seen improve with Network Care:


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