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Chiropractic Is A Family Affair

I had never heard of Network Spinal Analysis or Network Chiropractic before my mom started getting regular adjustments in June 1992. After six months she told me that she was sleeping longer at night between asthma treatments. Then she really got my attention when I went to the symphony with her and she didn't use her inhalers once during the entire performance. For years, Mom would pull those inhalers from her purse halfway through the concert. Today, Mom is 80 and is still in Network care. Her asthma remains under control, and even more importantly, she's a vibrant, flexible, healthy, old lady!

After much prodding from mom, I agreed to try Network in December 1992. I had been on medication for chronic clinical depression for ten years. After a few months I started to decrease my dosage and was able to quit outright in my seventh month of care. Soon after that, I noticed that I was no longer having regular attacks of low blood sugar. In December 1995 I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. I haven't taken any medications for MS but I have continued Network care. I have had many MS symptoms in the past two years, but they have all been mild ones.

By the summer of 1993, Mom had prodded my sister into trying Network. My sister, brother-in-law, niece and nephew are all still in Network care. My nephew, who had been diagnosed with schizophrenia, was able to first reduce and then eliminate his medication without a return of hallucinations.  Eventually he was able to return to college and complete his A.A. degree. My niece had suffered from ulcerative colitis since high school.  She has not only improved but has been so changed by her Network experiences that she is now in chiropractic school and plans to become a Network practitioner herself.

I was quite skeptical at first. In fact, I laughed and scoffed the first time I saw an adjustment. But I've found that the subtle benefits of Network to overall well-being are as important as the more dramatic ones I've mentioned here.

Editor Cisco Systems

Pain Relief

I was quite suspicious of anyone with chiropractic credentials. I had nicknamed them "bone crushers" since I had felt like I had been in an accident (even though I hadn't) after only a few treatments with a "regular" chiropractor.  After this experience I was frustrated, discouraged, and most of all still in pain!

Naturally, when Dr. Korgaard suggested I try his method of chiropractic, I was less than enthusiastic, not to mention distrustful. Since I was desperate and wanted to become more functional I decided to give it a whirl.

Although this treatment was gradual and I saw my first results in about 5 or 6 weeks, it was well worth the wait, since it was the most gentle and relaxing alternative method of treatment I had ever received. My pain began to subside and I could bend and lift more easily. Also, I noticed that I felt stronger and less vulnerable while lifting objects. There were other side benefits, such as breathing deeper than I had in years, achieving deeper states of relaxation quicker, reduced sinus congestion, and being able to place my palms flat on the floor!  Now my treatments are less frequent and I rarely have pain. I can also feel my spine gently adjusting itself, as it is supposed to do.

I strongly advise that you give Dr. Jens Korgaard a sincere try.  With a little trust and some patience you could be relieved from pain with some added heath benefits.


Overall Health Improvement

I have received Network Chiropractic Treatments from Dr. Jens for 6 years. I used to suffer from many chronic problems: Lower back pain (it was difficult to walk), pain in my wrists (Carpal Tunnel Syndrome), severe pain in between my shoulder blades. Yeast infections and bladder infections were also plaguing me at the young age of 24.

I am now 29 years old and my health is better than ever and all of the above mentioned symptoms have disappeared.

A couple of other benefits I've noticed from taking care of my nervous system through Network is that the adjustments help me to wind down and relax when I'm feeling stressed and "thinking too much." And when I get a cold or flu, I tend to move through the sickness a lot more quickly than I used to. I rarely take aspirin for such common ailments as headaches. If I do get a headache, one Network adjustment and it's gone!

I will never give up my Network Adjustments! They keep my mind, body and spirit Alive!

Roxanne Korgaard

Network Chiropractic Makes A Difference

When I started Network Chiropractic with Dr. Jens, I had muscle knots and stiffness in my neck and lower back. Although I had been much helped by another chiropractor (not Network Chiropractic) the gains had stopped.

After only 2 visits with Dr. Jens I noticed a significant improvement in my pain, which continued to lessen as I worked with him. I have now moved and will definitely continue with Network in my new area. I have thoroughly enjoyed knowing him and will miss him.


Improved Athletic Performance

As a professional dancer, I spend countless hours rehearsing and performing which can be rough on your body, to say the least. For me, the benefits of seeing Dr. Korgaard have been outstanding. I have experienced relief from minor to excruciating physical pain. Being in perfect balance is extremely important when dancing, and I can usually count on being just that after each treatment. I recommend anyone who wants to improve athletic performance and reduce their risk of injuries to see Dr. Korgaard.

L'emon Dance Company

Stress Reduction

Since I started seeing Dr. Korgaard, my stress level has gone way down. I also have more energy and confidence. He has improved my posture and removed my occasional neck pain. I also like how he uses gentle techniques instead of the more forceful adjustments of traditional Chiropractic.

Dr. Lionel

Relief From Migraine Headaches

I came to see Dr. Jens Korgaard to deal with migraine headaches. I had on average 6 headaches a month and was taking a daily prescription medication from my neurologist. (I had been told by 4 different neurologists that there was nothing else I could do. They all said that many women "grow out" of the migraines and I could hope for that). Through my treatments with Dr. Jens I have felt a great difference in how my body reacts to stress. I am now off the prescription medication and having only one migraine headache every 3-4 months and they are usually only the aura part of the migraine.


Recovery From Injuries

When I first came to see Dr. Jens it was because I had sprained my ankle pretty bad. I was surprised how fast I recovered and how this amazingly gentle method of treatment helped me recover from my injuries much faster. I have also noticed that I'm much calmer and I have been able to give up caffeine.  I exercise regularly and eat healthier too. Now I mostly come in for stress relief. I look and feel much better than ever before. The pain from my Morton's Neuroma is now completely gone.


Increased Energy

Since I started seeing Dr. Korgaard five weeks ago amazing things have started to happen. I feel much less depressed, I have more energy, am more outgoing than I have been in years. I exercise every day now and have even started to lose weight. The strangest thing is, that I often feel energy moving through my body when I am being worked on.

Tom W.

Deep Relaxation

I began Chiropractic in an effort to find pain relief. I found within a very short time that I was able to relax deeply in a way that I had never experienced before. Over time, I have become more adept at dealing with stress and am generally less tense. I have allowed myself to look at both emotional and physical issues differently. My friends and family have also noticed the difference.

Judy, R.N.

Increased Strength And Flexibility

Dr. Korgaard has worked on my back using a method called Network Spinal Analysis. Now my back and shoulders are much stronger and my spine is more flexible and able to correct itself. This gentle method has been much more effective than the spinal adjustments that use much more force and never gave my back a chance to heal. I highly recommend him and his unique Chiropractic style.


dan Back Relief
My back was feeling very rigid and stiff and was always going out. Even my legs were going numb. Then I decided to try Network Chiropractic. After the first adjustment I could feel the vertebrae moving back into alignment. And after a couple of months my back really started to feel good. Now it not only helps me feeling better physically but also mentally. Getting adjusted regularly helps me feel less stressed. Thanks to Network Chiropractic and Dr. Jens I feel great.


mayu Help For Yoga Instructor
I started to receive Network to relieve the severe pain I had between my shoulder blades. It was so painful every time I moved my head. Even being a yoga instructor and practicing yoga didn't relieve it. In the first month of care most of the pain disappeared. Now, when I get adjusted by Dr. Jens I feel a very warm comfortable sensation in my spine, and my tension seem to melt away.


jim Better Than Ever
When I first came to see Dr. Jens I was already seeing another chiropractor and although I was experiencing some relief I was still in pain in my neck and back. After seeing Dr. Jens I am in much better shape. The tension and pain in my neck and back is gone, and I am more relaxed. I also have an eye muscle imbalance (strabismus), the treatment has helped my eye to relax too. I had gone to 7 different chiropractors 3 times a week for the past tree years and I hadn't gotten much better, but with Dr. Jens's treatment I'm in much better shape. The effect he has caused is priceless.


More Aware Of My Body

I had been in regular Chiropractic care for a little under 2 years before coming to see Dr. Jens. I felt completely dependent on the chiropractic care and I was experiencing pain more than relief. I decided to try Network Chiropractic and a friend referred me to Dr. Jens. With the adjustments I receive in Network I become completely relaxed. Network Chiropractic focuses on relaxing and balancing the entire body, not just the neck and back. I had never realized I had so much tension in my legs and buttocks, which was related to the pain in my back and neck. Currently, overall, my body is more balanced and I maintain a relaxed state for much longer than before. I am more in touch with and aware of my pain and how it is directly related to my thoughts and emotions. I recently survived a very stressful period of my life without neck spasms. This is a new concept for me. I love Network and yes, it has changed my life.


karen Healthy Pregnancy
I first started receiving Network Chiropractic adjustments when our daughter was 1 ½ yr. old. At that time I had debilitating pain in my back that kept me from enjoying my daily life. I could only walk short distances, and was finding temporary relief from occasional massages. I had little flexibility and suffered from a thyroid problem that made every day functioning very difficult. 

During my first pregnancy, I did not receive Network Chiropractic and I went to the emergency room several times for back pain. I felt defeated when all that was offered was pain management in the form of Tylenol with codeine. I knew that this was not good for my growing baby and would not cure my problem. I planned to have a natural intervention-free birth. As I prepared for this I remember one specific experience that made me feel embarrassed.  I was in birthing class and all the participants were called up one by one in front of the class to a squat bar. They asked us to practice laboring at the squat bar with our partners. I couldn't do it. I remember thinking…How can I give birth naturally if I can't even do this without contractions? That birth experience turned out fine, but I experienced an intense amount of back pain.  

Since I have been receiving adjustments from Dr. Jens I have enjoyed a much higher quality of life. During my first adjustment I felt a release of trapped energy flow out of my body. Over the course of a few months, I noticed that I no longer was living with day to day pain. Today, when I am being treated with Network I experience a deep level of relaxation, as well as a sense of being centered and focused.  

I am currently pregnant with our 2nd child and am amazed at the transformation my body has gone through since beginning Network. I've had significantly less nausea this time around, and can exercise most days without feeling pain. I was surprised to see that I could do the same squat quite comfortably this time around, and am looking forward to birthing confidently with a strong and healthy back.  

I've tried many alternative health practices on my personal journey towards wellness. Network Chiropractic has clearly provided me with the most apparent and sustained benefits. Without a doubt, I plan to continue to enjoy improved health and well-being with the help of these treatments.


Relief From Car Accident 

I was driving on the freeway when the two cars in front of me came to a sudden stop, and I was hit by the truck behind me. After the accident I started having headaches, neck, upper and lower back pain and stiffness. I could hardly move my neck and when I did, the pain would shot down to my shoulder blades. At the end of the day my low back would be hurting and feeling so stiff. I started receiving the treatments and massage therapy from one of the therapists in the office. It was so relaxing that I often looked forward going for my treatments. This program helped relieve the pain and stiffness and allowed me to return to my regular daily routine and gave me my mobility back.


whiplash Whiplash In Kid
After I was in a car accident my back and neck started to hurt. I could hardly even carry my backpack to school without excruciating pain. I usually have dance after school every day, but just doing simple moves would be almost impossible due to the pain in my back. After starting on the program, my back feels flexible again and I have no more pain when I dance or carry my books. It also helped me when I sprained a muscle doing a split, it healed much faster than my medical doctor said it would. 


Car Accident Injury

I started on this program after a whiplash injury. At first I was skeptical if the program would work, but my body wasn't. After the very first visit, I felt a decrease of tension in my neck and back. The subsequent visits contributed to my healing in the most gentle and relaxing way. I'm glad I choose this program and my body thanks me too.


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